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If you're an entrepreneur whose looking for help with business growth, mindset, or leadership, you're at the right place.  I've spent 15 years as an entrepreneur,  with over 10 of those years helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals . Schedule a call below so we can learn a bit more about each other. 

Sean Dudayev


"Entrepreneurship is tough. You have to manage yourself, your business, and the people you work with; all while trying to figure out how to keep growing. It can be a lonely sport, but no one should have to go at it alone."

Grow Yourself & Your Business

The entrepreneurial journey is more than just business metrics. It's more about YOU. 

Entrepreneurial Consulting Services

Below are some of the services that can be included in the entrepreneurial consult. 

Business Audit 

Many entrepreneurs know what they have to do, but struggle on how to execute. I help outline the next steps in your business A to Z. 

Marketing Strategy  

I research every marketing channel to determine and outline specific strategies for what you can do to catch traction in each of them. 

Sales Training  

Marketing is only as goof as the sales process. New customers can't fix an inefficient sales system. Let me spend time with you and make it better. 

Customer Discovery 

Many companies have to go back into the startup customer discovery stage to scale up, we can help you answer the who, where and how questions to help reach you customers.

Pitching & Positioning 

If you need help with a fundraising pitch, elevator pitch, personal sales pitch or positioning your brand properly, I'll do a deep dive on you to help you communicate it. 

Self Development  

Entrepreneurship is HARD, and sometimes entrepreneurs  just need someone who can help them navigate the tough times to help them grow. 

Why work with Me

Results Focused 

As an entrepreneur consultant, I understand the struggle of focusing on metrics that don't translate to revenue growth. With my experience of building multiple companies from scratch and scaling them, I have developed a set of skills to create growth strategies that prioritize generating revenue and profits. Let me help you achieve the same by taking your business to a place where it is making consistent profits.

A to Z approach 

I know that running a business can be mentally and emotionally challenging. That's why I offer support and guidance to entrepreneurs who are struggling to overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Whether it's dealing with self-doubt, managing stress and anxiety, or navigating difficult decisions, I'm here to help you develop the mindset and skills you need to succeed in business and in life.

Expirienced & Transparent 

I bring a wealth of experience to the table and a commitment to transparency. I'm here to help you with all aspects of your business, from A to Z, including sales and marketing. My goal is to help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing, both in terms of your business and your mental well-being. Together, we can create a strategy that will help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level.

About Sean Dudayev

Sean Dudayev is an accomplished entrepreneur and currently the Founder of Frootful Marketing. In early 2013, Sean founded his first company, InsureChance, where his marketing skills were honed. After selling that business in 2016, he spent some time consulting with multiple brands where he learned that the growth methodologies that helped him, are now helping larger brands scale using the lean start-up focused approach. 

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Here’s My Awesome Team

Meet some of the key team members who help me maximize the value provided to our clients. 


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What My Clients Say

One of the best marketing and advertising companies I've worked with and quite some time...cream of the crop.

Joseph S.

He seems to have found a unique mix of working from small startup businesses to well established clients.

AJ S. 

Sean and his team are A+. With so many marketing firms out there, these folks truly get it.

Jason H.

Sean's insight is invaluable and if you’re working on getting a project to launch, he's the one you need.

Julien B. 

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