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You know your company needs to take that next leap in its growth but you're not sure what is going to get you there. I help with the what, the how, and when. Contact me below to take your business to new heights. 

Sean Dudayev


"Vanity metrics aren't enough. If you're going to take the next leap in your growth, you must break your plateau through profit based marketing."

Don't Lose Another Year of Progress 

Q1 turns into Q4 quicker than we can execute. The biggest reason is lack of direction. If you've had enough of stagnant revenues, I can help.

Start-up Consulting Services

Below are some of the services that can be included in the consult. 

Marketing Strategy 

Our comprehensive marketing research approach analyzes every digital channel available, including PPC, SEO, Social Media, and more, to determine the optimal strategies for gaining traction in each. This ensures you continue to scale beyond initial successes.  

Marketing Audit 

Our thorough analysis of your current campaigns involves identifying the elements that are performing well and leveraging them to achieve even greater success, as well as pinpointing areas that require optimization in order to scale effectively.

Sales Process & Training 

Effective marketing is only one piece of the puzzle; without a streamlined sales process, even new customers may not be enough to sustain long-term growth. We prioritize working closely with you to identify areas for improvement.

Customer Discovery 

Scaling up often requires a renewed focus on customer discovery, even for established companies. Our team specializes in helping businesses identify the ideal target audience and geographic locations for their products or services.

Creative Ad Ideas

We excel at developing creative, engaging ad campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive results. With our strategic brainstorming process, we can help you unlock the full potential of digital marketing for your business.

UX & UI Optimization 

Simply driving traffic to your website is only one piece of the puzzle. Our team specializes in optimizing websites and individual pages to achieve specific goals, whether it be increasing sales, generating leads, or enhancing user experience. 

Why work with Me

Profit Focused Strategy    

As a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of building successful companies from the ground up, I am all too familiar with the misleading allure of vanity metrics. Though it may be tempting to focus on increasing engagement and traffic, these metrics can ultimately be deceiving if they do not translate into meaningful revenue growth. Based on my own experiences, I have honed a process for identifying your most promising potential customers, allowing you to focus your efforts where they are most likely to yield results.

Full-Funnel Focus  

Marketing encompasses more than just the initial discovery of your company. It encompasses the entirety of the customer's experience, from initial attention to ultimate purpose. By thoroughly examining each stage of the marketing funnel, I can identify areas where your company may be experiencing stagnation or loss of potential customers.

Omnichannel Optimization

Every marketing channel has the potential to benefit your business, however, their combined impact can be even greater. To ensure your brand is present at every touchpoint of the buyer's journey, it's important to have a comprehensive strategy that identifies the optimal format and channel for maximum traction among your target audience. I can assist you in creating such a strategy to ensure your brand gains visibility and effectively reaches the right audience throughout the purchasing process.

About Sean Dudayev

Sean Dudayev is an accomplished entrepreneur and currently the Founder of Frootful Marketing. In early 2013, Sean founded his first company, InsureChance, where his marketing skills were honed. After selling that business in 2016, he spent some time consulting with multiple brands where he learned that the growth methodologies he implemented while building his first company, were helping larger brands scale using the lean start-up focused approach. 

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What My Clients Say

One of the best marketing and advertising companies I've worked with and quite some time...cream of the crop.

Joseph S.

He seems to have found a unique mix of working from small startup businesses to well established clients.

AJ S. 

Sean and his team are A+. With so many marketing firms out there, these folks truly get it.

Jason H.

Sean's insight is invaluable and if you’re working on getting a project to launch, he's the one you need.

Julien B. 

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