Start-up Sales Consultant

I can help your business improve its sales by providing expert guidance on effective sales strategies, identifying and addressing inefficiencies in your sales process, and improving your team's overall sales skills. By optimizing your sales approach, you can maximize your return on investment and ensure that your marketing dollars are put to good use.

Sean Dudayev


"Sales isn't about your product, its about solving problems for your customers. Let's find out what problem you solve and help your team communicate it effectively."

Don't Lose Another Year of Progress 

Q1 turns into Q4 quicker than we can execute. The biggest reason is lack of direction. If you've had enough of sales plateaus, I can help.

Start-up Sales Consulting Services

Below are some of the services that can be included in the consult. 

Sales Training 

I sit with your team and see where they are strong and where they are not, then coach them to evolve. 

Performance Analysis

I analyze your sales data to identify trends, areas for improvement, and potential opportunities for growth.

Process Optimization

I evaluate and improve your sales process to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your pipeline. 

Why work with Me

Battle Tested

I'm not just some guy who read a few sales books and now using that knowledge for consults. I've been in sales for over 15 years and have perfected my skills through years of building my own companies and helping dozens of entrepreneurs scale theirs. I've sold everything from products, services, to SAAS technologies. 

Full-Funnel Focus  

With my experience as a marketing agency founder, I understand that a successful sales strategy is not just about closing deals, but also about building strong relationships with customers and creating a seamless customer journey. That's why I take a full-funnel approach to sales that includes marketing, sales, and customer success. I can help your sales team work more effectively with marketing by providing insights into the customer journey and identifying opportunities to improve lead generation and conversion. 

Omnichannel Optimization

Any marketing channel can work for your business, but all of them work better. You want your brand to be everywhere the buyer is, at different stages of their purchasing process. I can help you with a strategy that encompasses finding the right format, within the right channel, in order for your brand to catch the right traction and get in front of the right (purchasing) audeince. 

About Sean Dudayev

Sean Dudayev is an accomplished entrepreneur and the current founder of Frootful Marketing. He established his first company, InsureChance, in early 2013, where he honed his marketing and sales expertise. Following the successful sale of the business in 2016, he provided consulting services to multiple brands, where he gained valuable insights. During this time, he discovered that the growth methodologies he implemented while building his first company could be applied to larger brands seeking to scale, using a lean start-up approach.

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Here’s My Awesome Team

Meet some of the key team members who help me maximize the value provided to our clients. 


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What My Clients Say

One of the best marketing and advertising companies I've worked with and quite some time...cream of the crop.

Joseph S.

He seems to have found a unique mix of working from small startup businesses to well established clients.

AJ S. 

Sean and his team are A+. With so many marketing firms out there, these folks truly get it.

Jason H.

Sean's insight is invaluable and if you’re working on getting a project to launch, he's the one you need.

Julien B. 

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