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Start-Up Sales Consultant

Sales Training

Marketing is only as good as the sales process. Bringing in new customers won’t fix inefficiencies in your sales process. Allow me to coach you and optimize your flow.

Performance Analysis

I analyze your sales data to identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth. I will then outline specific strategies so you may make an impact in your niche market.

Process Optimization

Allow me to observe and improve your sales process to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your pipeline.

Start-Up Sales

Consulting Services

We understand the consumer psychology that goes behind each campaign.

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Why Work With Me

I can help your business improve its sales by providing expert guidance on effective sales strategies, identifying and addressing inefficiencies in your sales process, and improving your team’s overall sales skills.

I will refine your sales approach so that you maximize your return on investment and ensure that your marketing dollars are put to good use.


"Vanity metrics aren't enough. If you're going to take the next leap in your growth, you must break your plateau through profit based marketing."

Creatively strategic. Strategically creative. 

Creatively strategic. Strategically creative. 

Creatively strategic. Strategically creative. 

Creatively strategic. Strategically creative. 

Creatively strategic. Strategically creative. 

Our    Process

01. Discover

First we want to know about you, your business, and your team. Then we dive into research with my team in order to see what opportunities there are and where we can set goals and spot growth opportunities.

02. Strategize

Next, we lay out a marketing strategy and present it to you. We put together an execution plan around it, pooling your resources and assessing where additional resources are needed.

03. Optimize

We review your efforts and make sure they’re running correctly and timelines are being met in order to achieve the goals we set during the discovery process. We will work closely with your team here.

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Connecting the right businesses to the right customers,
we strive to make the world a more fruitful place for everyone.

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Meet The Team

We're an exceptionally hardworking team based in Florida with a passion for seeking creative solutions to ensure your business can continue to be a fruitful endeavor. No half measures here - everything we do is with intention.

“One of the best marketing and advertising companies I've worked with and quite some time...cream of the crop”

Joseph F.AAI Clinics
Lead Strategist

Sean Dudayev

Lead Creative

Lauren Farrow

Content Writer

Joseline Sila

Web Dev

Rob Stoner

Content Manager

Jonathan Davis

Trusted by over 1,000 clients worldwide

“They seem to have found a unique mix of working from small startup businesses to well established clients.”

AJ S.Infinite Labs Supplements

“Sean and his team are A+. With so many marketing firms out there, these folks truly get it.”

Jason H.Owwll

“Sean's insight is invaluable and if you’re working on getting a project to launch, he's the one you need.”

Julien B.MadExports

Frequently asked questions

What makes a startup successful?

What makes a startup successful is, first and foremost, having a product or services that is valuable to the end user.

Then, it is having the ability and know how to get through the testing phase of finding where their users are, and how they purchase.

Lastly, its making sure systems within the company allow the user to interact with the brand successfully.

Can a marketing agency help a small business with a limited budget?

Yes! Frootful Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in lean Startup growth. So whether you’re bootstrapping to your MVP, need to scale to an exit, or taking your brand to the next level, we have your solution. Frootful’s philosophy is that we help you do more with less.

How is startup marketing different from marketing for bigger brands?

Startups do not have the luxury of focusing on awareness. The earlier you are in your customer development process, the more important it is to stay bottom of funnel. You have to test multiple formats across different channels in order to figure out who your customers are, where they are, and what messaging they respond to.

How do marketing agencies stay updated with industry trends?

Frootful marketing makes an active effort to stay up to date with the latest technological trends and inventions. We are constantly consuming the latest news articles and books from the industry’s experts, remaining active on social media platforms, and attending webinars and local conferences. Not only that, we are always testing!

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